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Be prepared for a "mental health day". My first 240mg dose wiped me out for a full 24 hours. I was dizzy and just plain off. Sitting to standing was a crash and burn experiment. It passed quickly and since 2nd day was okay.

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I have been taking Diltiazem for more than three months now and I am very much pleased with the way it relieves my symptoms. Before my physician diagnosed me with stable angina I suffered daily with what I thought was heartburn and indigestion. The chest tightness and burning was horrible, I could hardly sleep at night. But with Diltiazem everything got back to normal.

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Dr. Conners of Duke, in the audience that day, said the message was typical for such gatherings sponsored by pharmaceutical companies: Their medicine were harmless, and any traces of A.D.H.D. symptoms (which might be attributable to a number of issues, including lack of sleep and household discord) ought to be handled with stimulant medicine.
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