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Hearing Aids Subsidy from EOPYY: €450

EOPYY has changed the way it reimburses policyholders for the purchase of hearing aids. Policyholders now pay only their participation cost, not the entire amount. The subsidy from EOPYY amounts to €450 to allow policyholders to improve their quality of life by using hearing aids.

EOPYY subsidy is provided every 4 years.

By providing the necessary documents to us, policyholders only pay their participation fee, avoiding the process of document submission and waiting for reimbursement. We are contracted with EOPYY! Contact us for more details!

Ministry of Education Subsidy for Children

Primary and Secondary Education

The subsidy provided by the Ministry of Education amounts to up to €1,500 per hearing aid. This allowance is entitled to children attending public primary and secondary schools.

The subsidy from the Ministry of Education is provided every 4 years.

The Ministry of Education subsidy is received directly from parents, and the reimbursement period can range from 2 to 6 months from the time the necessary documents are submitted.

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

We provide brief answers to your common questions.

Hearing aids do not have an expiration date. Their lifespan depends on the care provided and regular checks recommended by the manufacturer. Newer technology hearing aids can be reprogrammed and adjusted to any changes in your hearing, offering more flexibility compared to older models.

Modern hearing aids have largely overcome problems with unwanted whistling during use. High-tech control systems prevent these issues, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of hearing aids without disruptive whistling sounds.

The decision to use one or two hearing aids depends on the type and degree of hearing loss. In general, if you have problems in both ears, using hearing aids in both ears (binaural) is recommended for better sound localization and speech discrimination in noisy environments. Nature has designed us to operate with both ears, and we shouldn't overlook it.

Overview of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a significant impairment affecting people's hearing ability. It occurs when the auditory nerve or the inner ear structures do not function correctly. People facing this challenge have limited or no hearing, which affects their ability to hear and comprehend sounds.

At the Hearing Loss Centers in Patras and in the city of Nafpaktos, our experts are dedicated to supporting individuals with hearing loss. One of the main tools that can be used to improve their hearing is hearing aids.

Hearing aids are electronic devices worn either in or behind the ear to assist in amplifying sounds for people with hearing loss. These hearing aids work in a way that enhances the sounds reaching the ear, allowing users to hear more clearly and better understand speech and environmental sounds.

At the Hearing Loss Centers in Patras, people with hearing loss can turn to our centers for help in selecting, adapting, and using hearing aids. Specialists will conduct hearing assessments and measurements to customize the hearing aids to individual needs and preferences.

Hearing aids can make a significant difference in the lives of people with hearing loss. They allow users to fully participate in daily activities, communicate more easily with others, enjoy music and sound, and enhance their overall quality of life.

It is essential to emphasize that prevention and education about hearing loss are equally important. Educational programs and awareness campaigns can improve understanding and support for people living with this challenge, promoting their acceptance and inclusion in society.

Access to hearing support is crucial to ensure that people with hearing loss have the opportunity to lead a full and fulfilling life.

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